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Moritz Pindorek
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Converting Ideas into NFTs

Moritz Pindorek – Former Athlete, Now Entrepreneur,  Marketer and Investor with a proven track-record.


The Client base of Moritz Pindorek does vary from a list of celebrities and influencers, to severeal projects, bigger Institutions in the space but also many wealthy individuals and governments.

He does help to consult for/in the blockchain industry and do push forward projects with his knowledge.


Blockchain Projects
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Nations that want to adopt
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Big established players like hedge funds
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Wealthy Individuals

High-net-worth clients and families
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The new world of Crypto


How to attract collectors?

No matter what you do, a normal meme token, DEFI project, NFT Project, Play to earn game, or any other Blockchain project – Moritz Pindorek is your go-to place for marketing and advisory.

01. Cryptocurrency Projects
02.NFT Projects
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The Media about Moritz Pindorek

“Moritz’s journey is more than just a success story, it is a tale of inspiration and hope. It is an example of how Web3 will decentralize power and give more opportunities for everyone to grow. From being the son of a single mom raised in a lower middle class home to being an entrepreneur at the age of 18 to making the Forbes Monaco list at the young age of 23”
International Business Times Singapore


“This professional athlete, track & field, is an early crypto adapter who entered the industry in 2013. Mopindo assisted with his first projects in 2017, ranging from founding a CBD company to, a social media agency, crypto marketing agency, and crypto advisory firm. In 2018, he assisted to grow brands and in 2019 began the transition to Web 3. 2021 brought with it NFT minting & selling plus Mopindo developing a reputation as a go-to for marketing. In 2022, he held the role of chief marketing officer (CMO) for several projects and even more up and coming blockchain companies. In total, Mopindo has helped other endeavors raise a combined total of more than $100 million.”

Forbes Monaco

creative approach

Unique Marketing

No normal.

The blockchain industry with its benefits and downsides doesn’t allow you to be lazy if you do marketing – since you can not just run ads on FB on autopilot and hope to sell stuff.

Individual approaches and strategies are needed.

This is what Moritz Pindorek does offer – no matter if it’s for Artists, Musicians, Project Owners, Wealthy Individuals, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, or even whole Nations who might want to adopt the new blockchain technology.


I am always open to further work & partnerships.

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